Why MVN?

"...Our story unfolds"

We develop the best that is latent in our children and prepare them for the challenges of the future through encouragement of self-discipline, high intellectual achievement and physical fitness. The school shall endeavour to develop responsible and thoughtful individuals who will actively participate in the changing society with strong determination and creativity.

Special attention is given to health, hygiene and cleanliness.

These are the reasons why you should choose MVN and why it is different from others in this field:

  • A supportive community that builds lasting character, confidence and a sense of one's own talents and potential in a student.

    Our staff at Mangalam Vidya Niketan takes personal care of the growth and development of each student by constantly setting examples and reinforcing the fact that every student is equally important and addressing the difficulties faced by them with utmost concern and urgency.

  • Engaging classes that inspire each student to become an active participant in his or her education and experience the joy of learning.

    Creativity is greatly encouraged and we know what is best for our students. So our classrooms are designed as interactive learning spaces. Thematic art and furniture help set the mood for the younger classes and interactive learning installations guide the child as he/she moves up towards senior classes.

  • Abundant personal attention to help every student pursue their academic goals and grow into independent, happy young adults.

    We believe that the child's intellectual and social development is greatly affected by the emotional mind frame. Therefore, at MVN, we take special care to ensure that the child is treated fairly and without prejudice. We also encourage the parents of our students to be constantly involved in their child's progress at every stage.

Above all, we are a family and we act like one. We, at MVN, are a strongly knit community from the Headmistress, Administrators, Teaching staff to the Students and Parents. We believe in sharing a frank and open relationship, where every difficulty is easily discussed without hesitation. Our achievement lies in giving a shape to our students' lives by instilling confidence and conviction in them to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Parents keep telling us they have never come across such a warm and welcoming school as MVN. MVN teaches you how to approach the rest of your life and this is why it's more than a school.