RATHA YATRA ( 17th July 2015)

Children dressed up as Radha and Krishna pulling the chariot
Infants pulling the chariot
Principal Ma'm celebrating the occasion with the children
Upper Nursery children doing their craft work activity in their scrap book

Ratha Yatra signifies the journey of Lord Jagannath to his aunt's house to recover from his ill-health. Thousands of people assemble at Puri to pull the gigantic chariot on which remains seated Lord Jagannath with sister Subhadra and brother Lord Balaram.

The same ceremony was carried out at Mangalam Vidya Niketan on 17.07.2015, with our children pulling a beautiful chariot with full pomp and show.

The children also made mini chariots and stuck in their scrap books.


YELLOW DAY ( 10th July 2015)

Board decorated for Yellow Day
Children doing their yellow day activity
Nursery and Upper nursery children showing their yellow chicks

On Yellow Day dated 10.07.15, the infant, nursery and upper nursery classrooms turned into Old Mc. Donald's farms, with the hen and chicks driving away all other animals seeming to conquer the scene. Mrs Hen merrily sat in her nest while spreading her brood of yellow chic keas all around.

These cute chicks were made by children and were later sent home with them as a memorial of yellow day.

As our customary tradition, all children came dressed in yellow, with one yellow food item in their lunch box. The children seemed to emit bright sunshine while they enjoyed the celebration.


RED DAY ( 3rd July 2015)

Infants doing their Red Day activity in their scrap book

We, at, Mangalam Vidya Niketan celebrated 'Red Day' on 03.07.2015 (Friday). This celebration was to re - enforce the concept of the first primary colour 'Red'. The children, dressed completely in red turned the classrooms into a bouquet of red roses.

They also relished on red apples, mixed fruit jam, tomato sauce which they carried in their tiffin. The teachers and the children decorated the class with red balloons and streamers.

The infant and upper nursery children transformed their scrap books into little gardens full of red roses with vegetable printing. The nursery children enjoyed doing a group activity, which was thumb printing of strawberry and cotton dabbing on watermelon.


WORLD DANCE DAY ( 29th April 2015)

Junior Class I & II
Junior Class III & IV
Jagriti Class VI
Rahul Class VI
Roshni Class VIII
Mallika Class VIII
Shalinee Class IX
Harshita Class X

Every year on the 29th April, International Dance Day also known as the World Dance Day is celebrated through promotion by the International Dance Council in the year 1982. The day was introduced by the International Dance committee of the UNESCO. The date was chosen to commemorate the birthday of Jean Georges Noverre, who was born in 1725, a French dancer, a ballet master and a great reformer of dance. Presently a whole week celebration is held to honour the day.

Mangalam Vidya Niketan honoured the day by a weeklong celebration which commenced on the 27TH April 2015. Toddlers as well as the students of class X were on a platform to showcase their talent by a wonderful dance competition. Our respected Principal Madam honoured the occasion by her presence. The competition was organised and anchored by our dance teacher- Mr. Avik Kumar Chowdhury. The judges- Mrs. Sudeshna Nandi, Mrs. Subharathi Ghosh and Miss. Nikita Bhattacharya took pleasure and pride to decide on the best performers by judging on their costume, rhythm, expression, choreography, and overall performance.

The programme ended with an inspiring speech by our respected Principal Madam. She encouraged more students to participate in the years to come. The show was a great success.


ORIENTATION DAY ( 16th April 2015)

The tiny-tots of today are the little masters of tomorrow. The first few years of schooling are the stepping stone for the little ones to face the world around us. The role of the parents as well as the teachers in these years is of utmost importance.

Hence, in order to enlighten the parents with the curriculum, methodology and other important aspects of the school, we, the Pre – Primary section of Mangalam Vidya Niketan had arranged an interactive session between the teachers and the parents on 16th of April, 2015 in the school premises. In this session, the parents get answers to their queries and acquire knowledge about the rules and regulations of the school to co-ordinate proper functioning for the betterment of the child.


CHILDRENS' DAY ( 14th November 2014)

Children dressed in colourful attire on Childrens' Day
Children singing and enjoying rhymes in their classroom
Children enjoying class party
Teacher's singing classics in english song
A child reciting a rhyme
Teacher's performance on 'Waka Waka'
Children having a gala time with their teacher's
Children enjoying their treat

A day when each child should be made feel special – Childrens' Day. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on 14th November popularly known as 'Chacha Nehru', he adored children very much.

Here, at Mangalam Vidya Niketan, Childrens' Day celebration was done on 14th November 2014, where the Pre-Primary children came beautifully dressed in colourful attires. There was a reversal of roles, and the teacher's took to the stage this time which left the children very surprised. The teacher's not only sang English classics like 'Doe a deer', 'Raindrops on roses' but also cheered with bright pom – poms on 'Waka – Waka'.


MUMMY AND PAPA DAY ( 7th November 2014)

Board decorated for Mummy and Papa day
Infants and their parents displaying their decorated vases with flowers arrangement
Parents and children busy with their activity
Nursery Children and their parents making cards
Nursery Children and their parents with their hand made cards and envelopes
Upper Nursery children and their parents decorating their dolls
Upper Nursery children and their parents with their decorated dolls

Here's a whole day dedicated to celebrate the special relation between parents and children. We have dubbed it as "Mummy and Papa Day".

On 7th November 2014, Mummy and Papa got an opportunity to spend quality time with their children, while enjoying many art and craft activities. The parents geared up and displayed their creativity quotient in activities like doll-making, card with envelope making, and decorating vases with flower arrangement to make their wards feel proud of them. The children were equally enthusiastic and relished the fun-filled programme.


pre puja ( 26th September 2014)

Pre-Primary children singing Puja songs
Pre-Primary children performing on the song 'Ya devi sarvabhuteshu'
Pre-Primary children performing on the song 'Durge durge durgotinashini'
Pre-Primary children performing on the song 'Dhaker taale'
Pre-Primary teacher performing to the music of Puja Celebration
Pre-Primary teacher's performing to 'Dandia Mahotsava'
Parents performing to 'Dandia Mahotsava'
Parents performing with the Dandia's

Ad midst the fragrance of the jasmine and feathery touch of the silvery reeds, a faint sound of the "dhak" is falling into our ears.

The countdown has started when Goddess Durga - the symbol of strength and power along with her vehicle – the Lion will ascend on Earth to spread love, happiness and peace.

The children of the Pre – Primary section welcomed her on 26th September 2014 with melodious songs, enchanting shlokas and mesmerizing dance performances. The icing on the cake was the 'Dandiya Mahotsav' where the teachers overtook the stage and left everyone awestruck.


CREATIVE TIME ( 19th September 2014)

It was wonderful to see the excitement among the parents on 19th September 2014, during the Creative Time organized by the Pre-Primary Section.

Each parent displayed utmost creativity and innovation and adhered to the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle.
Each child gave their parents thanksgiving note as a token of gratefulness for taking them into the world of animals.

The theme of the activity was animals, where infants were dressed up as domestic animals, nursery children as wild animals and upper nursery children as sea animals. The children just looked immaculate in their impressive attire.


HINDI DIWAS ( 14th September 2014)

Pre-Primary children singing the rhyme 'Macchhli jal ki rani hain' with action
Pre-Primary children singing the rhyme 'Baarish aayi cham cham cham'
Pre-Primary children singing the rhyme 'Kagaz ki Gudiya' with prop
Pre-Primary children singing the rhyme 'Lakri ki kaathi' with prop
Pre-Primary children singing the rhyme 'Ek to teen char' with action

September 14 is celebrated as Hindi Diwas throughout our country as the official language of the constituent assembly in 1949.

At Mangalam Vidya Niketan, the Pre-Primary section celebrated Hindi Diwas on 15th September 2014. A special assembly was conducted to mark the day. The assembly started with the prayer 'Humko mann ki Shakti dena…', followed by a speech on significance of Hindi Diwas and students were told that they should not forget Hindi language which had united our country during the freedom struggle spearheaded by Gandhiji.
Children swayed to the tunes of many Hindi rhymes and songs like 'Macchli jal ki rani hain, Chuhiya rani, Baarish aayi chham chham chham, Aaloo kachaloo, Kagaz ki gudiya and Lakri ki kaathi…'


VANAMAHOTSAV ( 12th September 2014)

Pre-Primary children dressed up as villagers in the skit 'Go Green'
Pre-Primary children dressed up as butterflies in the skit 'Go Green'
Pre-Primary children dressed up as animals in the skit 'Go Green'
Pre-Primary children dressed up as villagers with a decorated hut in the skit
A Pre-Primary child showing the importance of water
Pre-Primary children performing in the skit
Pre-Primary children showing the act of cutting trees in the skit
The concept of 'Go Green,Save Earth'
Pre-Primary children holding placards of how to save the Earth
Pre-Primary children holding placards depcting the skit
Principal Ma'm and Pre-Primary teacher's making a human chain and singing songs on environment
Parents making a human chain and singing songs related to environment
A parent expressing views and opinions regarding the play

In the race of fulfilling our ambitions, we are harming the environment of which we are a part. But we always tend to forget the universal law which says- "To each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
If we break the laws of nature, it will in return revolt and harm us in the form of natural calamities.

On this occasion of Vanamahotsav when the entire Pre - Primary department of Mangalam Vidya Niketan has come together, joined hands and made an effort for a cause– the cause of " Go Green", let us all take a pledge-
'We will no more cut the trees'
'We will no more pluck the leaves'.
Let us all make a promise-
'We will plant a tree each day'
'And make the world pollution less'.

This message of "Go Green" was conveyed through a small skit put up by the children on 12 ͭ ͪ September 2014, where a group of villagers save the flora and fauna of their village on whom their life is completely dependent. The teachers and the parents along with the principal made a human chain and pledged to save the environment by planting more trees, by not plucking leaves and by not cutting trees.
The children and the teachers were all dressed in green to signify this movement.


GANESH CHATURTHI ( 29th August 2014)

A Pre-Primary child dressed up as Lord Ganesha
Pre-Primary children singing the 'Ganesh Vandana' in the assembly
Infants colouring the picture of Lord Ganesha with the help of their teacher
Pre-Primary children colouring Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as a mark of the birthday of Lord Ganesh. On the occasion of Ganpati festival, a large number of idols are made of clay in all possible sizes. People buy idols of Lord Ganesh, install them in their houses and worship the idol for ten days, after which they are taken ceremoniously and immersed.

This information was shared with the Pre-Primary children of Mangalam Vidya Niketan on 29th August 2014. The children enjoyed listening to Ganesh bhajans and shloks and singing it as well. Children were shown pictures of Lord Ganesh and the symbols of Lord Ganesh were also explained to them.

A group activity was also undertaken. The children decorated pictures of Ganpati in their class with sequins, glitters and paper pasting.


JANMASTHAMI ( 20th August 2014)

Pre-Primary children wearing 'Crowns'
Pre-Primary children singing bhajans of Lord Krishna
Pre-Primary children dancing to the song 'Yashomati maiyan se '
Performance by the Pre-Primary children
Pre-Primary teacher performing to the song 'Maiyan Yashodha'
Parents performing to the song 'Maiyan Yashodha'
Pre-Primary children performing to the song 'Govind bolo'
Pre-Primary children and the teachers getting ready to make a 'pyramid' to break the 'matka'
Breaking of the 'matka' full of chocolates by the Pre-Primary children and the teachers

Sri Krishna, Makhan Chor, Ladoo Gopal, Nandlal.

There are innumerable names by which Lord Krishna is recognized.
Janmasthami marks the birth of Lord Krishna to Devaki and Vasudeva who almost immediately carry him to Vrindavan and exchange him with the daughter of Nandlal and Yashodha.
Therefore, Yashodha and Nandlal were Krishna's foster parent. This was done for preventing ' Kansa', his maternal uncle killing Lord Krishna like he had earlier killed 7 children of Devaki. Lord Krishna had to be kept alive as it was already predicated that Devaki's 8th son would end the life of Kansa. Therefore, Yashodha's motherhood is considered ahead to that of Devaki.

Lord Krishna, restless and naughty by nature spent the days teasing 'Gopis' and stealing home-made buttermilk from 'matkis'. This childhood memories are dubbed as 'Rasa lila'.

On 20th August 2014, the Pre-Primary children of Mangalam Vidya Niketan saw little Lord Krishna in a beautiful yellow attire complete with flute and a peacock feather adorning his head complaining mother Yashodha about his dark complexion on the song ' Yashomati Maiya Se', dancing with Gopis and breaking a pot full of chocolates (and not butter) for a change.

The children swayed to bhajans like 'Chhoti Chhoti Gaiya', 'Natwar Nagar Nanda' and clapped vigorously on the tunes of 'Govind Bolo' and 'Hathi Ghoda Palki' wearing 'Mor Mukuts' or 'Crowns' with peacock feathers made by them.


INDEPENDENCE DAY ( 15th August 2014)

Pre-Primary children making hand made flags
Pre-Primary children performing to the song 'Bande mein tha dam'
Introduction of Gandhiji in the performance
Pre-Primary children performing to the song 'Chodho kal ki baatein'
Principal Ma'm and the performers on the stage
Pre-Primary children dressed up as the generation next national personalities

The 68th year of Independence saw Mr. Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India promising Indians the return of golden days. The Indian sub – continent faced various types of progressions and depressions during this period of post – independence. However, braving all odds, everyone unites on 15th of August to remember, pay homage and respect to our great heroes.

So, did the children of the Pre – Primary section on 13th August 2014. The children put up a cultural program where they matched their footsteps to "Bande main tha dam" and "Chhodo kal ki baatein".

This time the attention was focused on the generation next national heroes like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar etc.

Before the children coloured the tri – coloured flags, the teacher explained what does saffron, white, green and Ashoka Chakra stand for. The day ended with the children singing the National Anthem. Thereafter, they waved their flags all the way home.


RAKSHABANDHAN ( 8th August 2014)

Infants pasting hand made rakhis in their scrap book
Upper Nursery children making and pasting rakhis in their scrap book
Nursery children making and pasting rakhis in their scrap book

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the virtues of brotherhood and love. Traditionally sisters tie rakhis on the wrist of their brothers and treat them with tasty delicacies. In return the brothers vow to defend them against all odds and protect them through thick and thin.

To signify the importance of this festival, the Pre-Primary children made beautiful rakhis shimmering with colourful glitters and sequins with the assistance of the teachers as a classroom activity on 8th August 2014. Later these rakhis were stuck in the scrap book so that the lovely creation of our children could be preserved well.


AQUA/BLUE DAY ( 1st August 2014)

Children on Aqua or Blue day in blue attire
Pre-Primary children performing to 'Listen to the water'
Infants doing the water activity
Upper Nursery children showing the water balancing act
Chidren showing their hand made blue wrist bands

"Listen to the water; listen to the water; rolling down the river."

The children of the Pre-Primary section of Mangalam Vidya Niketan celebrated the Aqua/Blue Day on 1st August 2014 by singing this foot-tapping number. "We love Blue" and "If you are wearing something blue" were some of the rhymes that were sung during the Assembly.

Later on, the teachers spread awareness on the uses, misuses and conservation of water. Water reminds us of the colour 'blue'. So to re-inforce the concept of this last primary colour, an art and craft activity was done in the class during the Aqua/Blue Day.

Thereafter, the teachers unveiled a number of water-related activities like the infants floated paper boats and toy ducks in a tumbler full of water. They were also taught the concept of heavy and light through the water activity. The nursery children did the pouring activity while the upper nursery children conducted a balancing act with glasses full of water.

The children flaunted attractive blue-coloured wrist bands which they made themselves, gleaming with sequins and crystals and carried home, happily.


SING ALONG ( 25th July 2014)

Parents and children during the Sing Along Session
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Two little dicky birds'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Pussy Cat'
Parents and children with the prop's used for the rhyme 'Oranges and lemon'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Baker's shop'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Yankee doodle'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Ten Little Indian Boys'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Chuk chuk chuk chuk'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Incy wincy spider'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Lucy locket'
Parents and children doing the nursery rhyme 'Boogie woogie'

Parents were invited to relive their childhood by singing the nursery rhymes with their children on the 25th of July 2014, Friday for the Sing Along Session. The excitement among the parents was apparent by the way they shook a leg and co-ordinated their moves with their children while singing the most popular rhymes.

The prime purpose of the session was to showcase that learning rhymes could be so much of fun.

The icing on the cake were the wonderful props which made the rhymes more impactful.


Phonetic Workshop ( 14th July 2014)

Teachers conducting Phonetic Workshop
Parents going through the concept
Parent-Teacher interaction

Phonetics is the language of sound and here it implies to the sound of the letters in the English alphabet.

This methodology has been adopted by all the modern – day school to make learning easy, effective and child-savvy.

The preliminary stage involves recognition of sounds which later on paves the way for writing what you hear.

It builds a strong foundation for:

i) Reading
ii) Spellings
iii) Pronunciation
iv) Comprehension

This special workshop was devised especially to rope in the parents into this system and to emphasize the importance of phonetics in this "just learning" stage.

The teachers offered as much assistance as possible for clarifying the much expected doubts arising amongst the parents.


Yellow DAY ( 11th July 2014)

Hand-printed yellow giraffes by Infants
Pre-Primary children with their hand made yellow mobile smileys
Board decorated for Yellow day

'Yellow' symbolizes power and brightness. We, here, at Mangalam Vidya Niketan dedicated a whole day to the colour 'yellow' for celebrating the power of colours and to spread brightness amongst all.

The pre – primary children shook a leg to "Yellow, yellow, happy fellow" and wiggled – jiggled to "Bright Sun" at the advent of the celebration on 11th July 2014 during the assembly.

The ironies of the giraffes are that these tallest creatures are hand – printed by the shortest hands in the school that is the Infants. The final touch has been given to transform the class into a forest.

The little yellow – coloured thumbs of the Nursery children adorned beautiful sunflowers to bring them to life as a group activity in the class as well as balloon dabbing to make the fruits look so delicious.

The children of Upper Nursery had a wonderful session of 'Object Talk' or 'Show and Tell' where they were supposed to show and speak about a yellow object which they had brought from home. They also made yellow mobile Smileys to decorate their classes.

The children took home with them sweet little yellow candies so that the memories of the 'yellow day' linger throughout the day.


RED DAY ( 4th July 2014)

Infants colouring red cherries
Upper Nursery children doing group activity
Pre-Primary children dressed in red attire

The Pre - Primary section of Mangalam Vidya Niketan celebrated Red Day on 4th July 2014 with great pomp and show. All the children and teachers were dressed in red attire.

Rhymes and songs were sung on colour 'Red' during the assembly like 'My Red Balloon, Roses are red, One fine day.'

Our adorable Infants eagerly coloured the cherries and were ready to eat them too.

The Nursery children made wonderful hearts by printing their little hands in their scrap books.

The Upper Nursery dabbed cotton with red colour on red fruits like apple, cherry and strawberry as a group activity.


RATH YATRA ( 30th June 2014)

Pre-Primary children dressed up as Radha and Krishna pulling the Chariot
Pre-Primary children celebrating Rath Yatra

This year we celebrated the 137th Rath Yatra or Chariot festival, one of the oldest festivals in India on 30th June 2014 (Monday).

It was originated in Puri in the state of Odisha. The Rath carries Lord Jagannath with his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra to their aunt's place. It is a very colourful festival which draws millions of devotees from various parts of the country as well as from abroad to Puri.

The little children of Mangalam Vidya Niketan of Pre Primary section enjoyed pulling the decorated chariot with the idols of all the three deities. Prasad was distributed to one and all.


RABINDRA JAYANTI ( 9th May 2014)

Dance Performance by Pre-Primary children
Performance of Pre-Primary children to 'Poush toder daak dieche'
Performance of Pre-Primary children to 'Aaguner Poroshmoni'
Recitation by Upper Nursery Child(Bone baag thake)
Group photo of performers with Principal Ma'm and Teacher's

The session of 2014-15 for the Pre-Primary Section of Mangalam Vidya Niketan started off by celebrating the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore on the 9th of May 2014 (Friday).

To imbibe the cultural heritage of our hand to our students, Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm.

Infants, Nursery and Upper Nursery students enjoyed dancing to the music of 'Poush toder daak diyeche' and 'Aguner poroshmoni'.


LESSON ON LINO PRINTING ( 19th February 2014)

Carving the picture
Greasing the picture
Placing the white paper
Pressure applied to transfer the ink on the paper
Pulling out the lino cut print
The final lino cut print

Lesson on Lino Printing being given by the Art teacher, Ms. Susmita Ghoshal to Dhwani Jalan. Lino printing is a form of fine art printmaking where the printing plate is cut into lino.


Saraswati Puja Celebrations, 4th February 2014

Goddess Saraswati
Class X giving Anjali
Students giving Anjali
Parents giving Anjali
Students singing Jai Jai he Vagbate
Students performing on 'Mata saraswati sarada'
Students performing on 'Tushar har dhavala'
Vidya Balam Pradhanam

On the occasion of Saraswati Puja the Principal, Dr. Malini Goyal, while addressing to the students, teachers, and parents said,

"We pray to goddess Saraswati to give us wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong and give us courage to follow the path of righteousness."


Celebration of Grand Parents Day by Pre-Primary Students

Children performing on - Dadi Amma
Children performing on-Nani teri Morni
Dada & Dadi dancing in joy
Grand parents enjoying the show
Grand parents -you start our day
Principal giving speech
Welcoming the Grand parents with a Prayer
Grandpa and Granny- You are our heart and soul
Your love is unconditional

Visit to the ECO Park by the Children of Classes V & VI


Visit to ECO-PARK

Children of Classes III and IV enjoying winter morning at Eco-Park

Republic Day Celebrations 2014

Amar Mukti
Republic Day Depicted by the Children
Republic Day Depicted by the Children
Patriotic Song'Dharti Suneheri Ambar Neela'
Amar Mukti

The Teachers and Staff picnic at ITC Fortune-panchvati

Here we go......
The splendid venue .....let's have all the fun!!!!!!!!
And here comes the jubilant team!!
Lets revise Roman numerals with matchsticks...
Our beloved Ms.Vidula Jalan trying her hand in the game...
Collect the straws of your action
Firm hands....balancing the match boxes
We are one......


Pre primary students indulged themselves in the celebration which took place at school premises on 24 of January, Friday.

Picnic and Fun

Pre primary students had a great time of joy and merriment at ECO-PARK on 21 of January, Monday.

Christmas Celebration

The air was filled with festivity and the children immersed themselves in a magical Christmas celebration.

Spell Bee Competition

A fun time with Spellings!


The session of 2013-2014 for the Pre-Primary Section of Mangalam Vidya Niketan started off by celebrating the birth centenary of Rabindranath Tagore on the 7 of May,Tuesday.

To imbibe the cultural heritage of our land to our students, Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm.

Infant, Nursery and Upper Nursery students enjoyed dancing to the music of 'Phule, phule', 'Hare-re-re' and 'Gram chhara…'.


On the 21 of June, Friday, we organised a 'Phonic Work Shop' for the parents of the Pre-Primary Section. To facilitate the sounds of different English alphabet through the phonics, such a workshop was held. For example 'a' says 'ah' as in ant and 'b' says 'buh' as in bat etc.

During the interactive session parents were eager to know more about the phonic sounds and agreed that from now onwards it would be easy to teach spellings to their children. Reading too would be fun once the children got used to the phonic sounds. The workshop was very encouraging as well as enriching.


To teach the children the primary colours, different colour days are held along with various activities related to the colour day.These activities enhances the finer motor skills of a child. On the 28 of June, Friday, we had the Red Day, the first primary colour. All the classes starting from Infant to Upper Nursery made cards with the colour red and dedicated it to their parents. The children wore red dresses and brought apples and pomegranates in their lunch boxes.


On the 10 of July, Wednesday, 'Rathayatra' was celebrated with children dressing up as Balaram, Subhadra and Krishna.

The 'Ratha' or the chariot was beautifully decorated and was pulled by the children and taken to all the floors in the school. Prasad was distributed to one and all. Through these festivals, children come to know about their cultural heritage and roots.


The Yellow Day, was held on the 19 of July, Friday. Children came to school dressed in yellow dresses and had a yellow banana in his/her snack box. Children came to know that eating healthy and nutritional food would keep them fit and prevent them from falling sick. While Nursery and Upper Nursery made masks of Lions and Honey-bees, Infant made bookmarks with cut outs of the smiling Sun. They all sang and danced to the music 'Have you got a sunshine smile?'


On the 26 of July, Friday, we had the 'Sing Along Session' based on all the rhymes and poems that had been done in the classes. Sing Along is a developmental music programme where children and parents share the joy of music while incorporating activities to promote the sensory skills. It took the parents to their childhood days when they along with their children sang and danced to the popular nursery rhymes, which the teachers demonstrated so carefully and diligently - so that the same musical environment could happen at home. Excellent props and nicely decorated classrooms made the session more enjoyable.


Another day colour day that is Blue Day or Aqua Day was held on the 8 of August, Thursday. As anything blue is represented as water so the day was rightfully called the Aqua marine Day. Children wore blue dresses and fluttered around with colourful fishes (Origami). Square chart papers were dipped into a mixture of turpentine oil and aquamarine paint which was then dried out. This gave the paper a marble finish with a bluish tint on which the colourful paper fishes was stuck looking like mini aquariums. While the children did the activity, they were explained the importance of water and its habitats.


It is a moment of pride for every Indian to celebrate the Independence Day held on 15 of August, every year. On the 14 of August, Wednesday, Infants, Nursery and Upper Nursery celebrated Independence Day with great fun and gaiety. It was a riot of colours where children dressed up in their traditional attire dressed to the song ' Maa Tujhe Salaam…'. Several children represented the different states of India and looked very cute in the regional dresses. We must not forget our freedom fighters on heroic leaders who freed us from the British rule – so along with the Father of the Nation, children dressed up as freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sarojini Naidu and many more.


The Pre-Primary Section celebrated Raksha Bandhan on the 20 of August, Tuesday by making colourful rakhis out of marble paper, glitters and satin ribbons. The decorated rakhis were then pasted in their scrap books. Teachers then explained the significance of tying the rakhis to their brothers.


Janmasthami was celebrated on the 27 of August, Tuesday by the Infants, Nursery and Upper Nursery children with great enthusiasm. Around forty children from the three sections had dressed up as gopiyans and kanhaiyans. The cute little gopiyans and kanhaiyans all sang and danced to the song ' Chhote, chhotegaiya…' and ' Makhan…'

After the song and dance four children formed a small pyramid and a kanhaiyan with his flute stood on top of them to break the matka. No, the matka was not full of butter milk but it was full of eclairs. The children scrambled to collect the sweets when the matka was broken and everyone cheered 'Jai Kanhaiyan…'

Later class teacher narrated the birth story of Krishna Kanhaiyan to the children .Janmasthami celebrations ended with a happy note.


Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated on the 10 of September, Tuesday by the Infants, Nursery and Upper Nursery sections. They drew a huge picture of Ganeshji with his mouse and his favourite bowl of modaks. The Class teachers helped the children in decorating the picture with glitters, water colours and crayons. The children were too excited and very enthusiastic when they heard the stories of Ganeshji and were very eager to know more about Ganeshji or their favourite GanapatiBappa.


On the 20 of September, Friday, the Pre-Primary Section had another interactive session with the parents which was a rollicking success. The parents were divided into different time slots, with twenty in the first slot and another twenty in the second slot. Each parent was handed a sheet of paper where there were ten questions about the likes and dislikes of their child. For example – 'What is your child's favourite fruit?'

The topic was 'KNOW YOUR CHILD'. The answers had to match with both the parents. It was great fun watching fathers asking their children to help them out, while the mothers had a very confident look on their faces. There were mothers who started quarrelling with the fathers because it seemed that they knew very little about their child. There were very few parents who got all their answers correct and it was adviced that from now onwards parents would have to know more about the likes and dislikes of their ward.


Creative Time showcased how waste could be used at its best and how creative our parents could be when they are given a task like 'BEST OUT OF WASTE'.

Parents of the Pre - Primary Section were told to make things out of waste or otherwise dress up your child with the things normally thrown away. But they need to be biodegradable waste as in this way the child will also come to know about the three R 's that is reuse, reduce and recycle. From wood shavings to paper boxes and what not. Parents had really worked hard to make the CREATIVE TIME a grand success.


VANAMAHOTSAV' was celebrated by the Pre – Primary Section on the 3 of October, Thursday. The theme of 'Vanamahotsav' or 'Green Day' was 'Save our Earth' by planting saplings. Little children dressed up as butterflies and flowers. Trees swayed to the music of eternity. The cute puny little destroyers or destructors showed how they could destroy the environment by cutting down the trees. But ultimately the environment was saved from thse destroyers by the farmers and new trees came up by planting tiny saplings.