Student Action

Mano Vikas Kendra has been working on Special Education for the physically and mentally challenged children and young adults for more than 39 years. It launched its special project for remedial education in 2005 with financial support from REACH INDIA. The project benefitted 1000 vulnerable students in 25 Government aided schools in South Kolkata. We take our students to Mano Vikas Kendra on a regular basis to have an exposure of children and young adults with disabilities. We render our enduring services to these specially abled children and young adults. With this endeavour, we aim to teach our students to be more responsible and socially aware.

The visit to the Deaf and Dumb School was really an eye-opener for our students. They became aware that even with disabilities, the children there were not deterred from leading a normal life. The children there hopped, skipped and danced, and one child even played the synthesizer. Our students were completely awe-struck. They took great pleasure in going to each classroom to interacted with these children.

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart

- Eleanor Roosevelt